PennDOT Offers New Traffic Cameras for Public Viewing


PennDOT Offers New Traffic Cameras for Public Viewing


Pittsburgh, PA – In an effort to improve communication with the traveling public and assist motorists in planning their travels and commutes, PennDOT District 11 is announcing today that additional traffic monitoring cameras on many area roadways have been added to the 511 and PennDOT District 11 websites.

To access the cameras, go to and click the traffic camera box on the right, then zoom into the Pittsburgh region. Mobile access is available.

Motorists can also access the cameras by going to the PennDOT District 11 homepage, and click “Traffic and Maps” on the left.

PennDOT traffic cameras update every three seconds for real time visual information on congestion, construction and other incidents that may occur on area roadways. This information can be used to plan travels and avoid congested areas. Be sure to check the cameras before traveling.

Special note: Television broadcasters wishing to add the new cameras to their systems should contact the Regional Traffic Management Center at 412-429-6034.       

The following new cameras are now available:

Parkway West (I-376)

·         Business 376 Interchange

·         Marketplace Boulevard

·         Robinson Town Center West

·         Carnegie Busway

·         Trumbull Drive

·         Parkway Center Mall

Crosstown Boulevard (I-579)

·         Fifth Avenue

Boulevard of the Allies (listed under Parkway Central)

Parkway East

·         Edgewood West

Route 22

·         Elliot Road


·         County Line Road

·         Bridgeville rest area

·         Alpine Road

·         Bridgeville Interchange

·         Route 910

·         Mingo Road

·         Wexford Run Road

·         Warrendale Interchange

·         Route 19 Interchange

·         Freeport Road

·         Pennsylvania Turnpike Interchange

Route 51

·         Woodruff Street

·         Chess Street

10th Street Bypass (listed under Parkway North)

Route 65

·         Allegheny Avenue

·         North Franklin Street

·         Route 19 Marshall Avenue Interchange

·         Dickson Street

·         New Beaver Avenue

·         McKees Rocks Bridge  

These new cameras bring the total now available in the Pittsburgh region to 179. In addition, PennDOT is in the process of adding 11 new traffic monitoring cameras this construction season. Future plans include additional traffic cameras on major roadways including I-376, Route 51, Route 28 and Liberty Avenue.

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Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 2018-05-18 20:16

How can I receive information for the camera at Sankey Avenue and Brownsville Road zip code could be 15227, 15210. This is the Carrick/Brentwood borders. Please if you can help me, it's important.

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Scott Sweitzer (not verified) Tue, 2015-06-23 09:41

This site used to work very well. There was a map of the whole state. You clicked on the area you were interested in seeing and it showed all the traffic cams available to check the route you wanted to look at. Now it gives you an specific area and what cameras they want you to look at. Does not work for me. It was not broke and it did not need fixing. Whatever you did, is not working nearly as well as it worked before you fiddled with it. Basically it's about useless . I don't want to look at what you think I should look at. I want to pick where I want to go and follow the cams in that direction. The old map worked. You ought to bring that back. You can leave your new idea up but I want the old map back. Yours does not do the job.

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JR Pratt (not verified) Wed, 2015-03-25 16:42




I am sure that I am not the only one to bring up the subject of traffic on Route 51, both north bound and south bound, but Penn Dot does really need to revist the traffic on this main throughway.  The flow of traffic in either direction is extremely long, regardless of the time of day, and all it does is push traffic until it reaches a stopping point, and everything stops.  The traffic lights are extremely long, making things worst for adjacent streets, and only packs vehicles on 51 to a standstill.  


I live in the south hills, and it has always amazed me how frustrating it is to access Route 51, either south or north bound.  And it makes no difference what time of the day it is.  And to make matters worst, there is the reconstruction of Route 88 and Route 51 to deal with.  At 5:45 AM, I will be stopped at Route 51 north bound and Route 88, and count 65 !@#$% vehicles coming off of Route 88 on to Route 51 north bound.  Regardless of the reconstruction, Penn Dot needs to revisit the timing of the traffic lights at this intersection.  65 vehicles on either route is excessive for those trying to get to work.  If in disagreement, try this intersection on any week day to see what it is like.


And as for the afternoon return to home in the South Hills, it would be absoloutely foolish to come down Maytide to Route 51.


All it takes is for someone at Penn Dot to step up and take responsibility for improving the flow of traffic at said intersection.  It is beyond comprehension that this is the best Penn Dot can do.


Thank You,


JR Pratt

Whitehall, PA 

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Camera World (not verified) Sat, 2013-08-24 01:36

This is a very good idea for public viewing. Everywheare we should improve these type of cameras for security purpose. It helps to people as well as we have an idea of which things going on. I will recomend my high authorities to this Traffic Cameras. Nice one