City of Pittsburgh Selects Cale America to Upgrade Parking Meter System to New Pay-by-License Plate Technology

City of Pittsburgh Selects Cale America to Upgrade Parking Meter System to New Pay–by-License Plate Technology

Equal Opportunity Review Commission unanimously approves Cale's MWBE participation and applauds innovative approach

Pittsburgh, PA – June 6, 2012: Cale Group's newest subsidiary, Cale America Inc, has been selected by the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh (PPAP) to upgrade its parking meter system. The new program will introduce pay-by-license plate technology which Cale has successfully implemented in cities such as Calgary and Amsterdam. Customers will enter their vehicle license plate number at a solar-charged multi-space meter and Cale's system will inform parking enforcement staff which vehicles are paid in real time. A cell phone payment option will also be offered, in the near future as an additional convenience. "We selected the vendor that offered the most advantageous product on the best terms," commented David Onorato, Executive Director for the PPAP. "Cale demonstrated that it can not only provide the right technology, but they also have an excellent track record of implementing successful parking programs throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Their thorough approach and commitment to local project support is refreshing and gives us great confidence that Pittsburgh will have one of the best parking programs in the world." Mr. Onorato also stated that motorists should start seeing the new multi-space meters in July and August.

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Denise Novak (not verified) Thu, 2013-09-19 07:41

I get to work early in the morning, 6:30 am and I park down by the Westinghouse monument in Schenley Park.  During the summer it was light at that hour of the morning but now it's pitch black and I can't read the pay station instructions.  It's practically impossible to see the letter/number pad and where to put the credit card. IO looked on the PPA website and there was no place to send comments/complaints. 

I guess I'll start carrying a flashlight.  Thanks.