Autonomous car hailing service introduced at Pittsburgh International Airport – Mapless AI trial phase will involve human driver behind the wheel in case of emergency

Travelers will be able to use a Mapless AI vehicle to quickly travel from the airport's long-term parking lot to their terminal for a drop-off. Speaking with The U.S. Sun, Mapless Ai co-founder Jeff Johnson said the trial phase will involve a human driver behind the wheel in case of emergency. "This will last as soon as we have confidence that we can remove the driver," adding that "We would like to be deploying within two years or so, but of course, that's all fluid and subject to change."

Mapless AI's cars are delivered to the airport's parking lots through a version of driverless technology known as teleoperated driving – allowing vehicles to be controlled remotely. This remote communication is achieved through encrypted data communication between onboard vehicle sensors and a remote driving console, MotorTrend reports.

Mapless AI user pickup requests will be processed through a web app.