Cities nationwide are exploring how self-driving vehicles and other emerging mobility tech may improve mobility for citizens

Like Pittsburgh, cities around the country are experimenting with autonomous vehicles (AV) as part of their transportation mix. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, for example, residents can shuttle across town in self-driving vehicles thanks to a partnership between May Mobility, the University of Michigan's Mcity, and the economic development organization Ann Arbor SPARK.

Anticipating the trend toward autonomy and seeking become leaders in civic technology, many cities now have AV pilots up and running as a way to enhance safety, promote sustainability, and expand public transit. And in Ann Arbor's case, there isn't any funding from the city itself – demonstrating how technology partnerships play a key role in enhancing smart city efforts through not just autonomous vehicles, but sensors, cameras, radar, LIDAR, and more. Cloud connectivity, for example, is proving key for smart cities looking to set themselves apart.

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